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A Profile of Homelessness:
What creates the dynamics of someone becoming homeless?

The face of homelessness in our community is constantly changing. Loss of employment, an unexpected rent increase, untreated behavioral health conditions such as mental health and substance abuse disorders, or a costly illness can often result in the deterioration of a stable home.

A missed paycheck, health crisis, or domestic violence can quickly push people over the edge, from a home and stability into an unsheltered life on the street. Families experiencing homelessness live with continual uncertainty about where to find shelter for their children and how to afford the next meal.

For children and youth, the experience of being homeless and the associated stigma can be especially traumatic. They experience disruptions in every aspect of their lives: in health problems that often go undiagnosed, irregular school attendance, isolation from social activities, anxiety, depression, and malnutrition due to food insecurity.

Most recently, a lack of affordable housing inventory and Covid-19 related job losses are becoming one of our community’s most pressing causes of homelessness.

What families experiencing homelessness need are programs that offer a safe place to live and make shelter and support services available long enough to establish the finances and resources needed to become stable and productive members of society.

With a large team of professional staff and volunteers, the non-profit FUSION organization offers transitional housing and emergency shelter paired with support services to provide families who are experiencing homelessness in Federal Way and surrounding areas with housing, refuge and comprehensive case management services.

FUSION serves families with minor children who are searching for a living-wage job and in need of affordable housing. Many have barriers to overcome in order to have a stable, productive life. FUSION allows families time to heal, overcome trauma, gain self-confidence, find employment, and become productive members of our community.

FUSION is a collaboration of volunteer efforts, businesses, churches, foundations, and service organizations all providing volunteer and financial support and in-kind services to assist families experiencing homelessness. This fusion of community resources through these efforts is critical to our success as a nonprofit.

“I truly believe in my heart that the mission of FUSION is like no other because it not only provides a solution to a need, but also helps people renew their minds
to see that they are valued, there is something better, and they can and will overcome the barriers that led them to homelessness. Thank you for all you do!”
Dawn, a former resident of FUSION Transitional Housing

Regional Homelessness Statistics
Homelessness in Washington State December 2019 Report 
Seattle/King County Point-in-Time Count of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness details comprehensive data on factors that lead to homelessness.