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Volunteer Application

Dedicated people who generously contribute their time and talents have developed FUSION into the impactful organization it is. Volunteers together donate thousands of hours each year so families facing homelessness have a safe and secure place to live while rebuilding their lives.

To join the FUSION team Please check your areas of interest on . A Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to set up a meeting time to discuss what areas you want to volunteer along with a little history of FUSION’s beginnings and its immediate focus for the future. Orientation is usually at 3:00pm on either a Tuesday or Thursday at the FUSION Boutique. Other days/times can be arranged if needed.

FUSION Background Check Application Form

Authorization, Waiver and Release Applicant: Please read and understand all written information carefully before signing. This form is authorization to obtain records and other information for volunteering and/or employment purposes and full releases from liability of all parties for any claims of any nature whatsoever. It must be completed in full, both truthfully and with absolutely no omissions. Thank you.

hereby authorize FUSIION to contact any third party and/or utilize the services of an outside agency to conduct an investigation that will include both public and private information, which could include but not limited to, driving and employment records, as well as civil and criminal records. I certify under penalty of perjury that the information I have provided on my application and during the process of becoming a volunteer and/or employee at FUSION is true, accurate and complete. I understand that if accepted as a volunteer and/ or employment, that any false, incomplete, misleading or an inaccurate statements or the omission of information and any other evidence I provide FUSION during the application process or while I serve as a volunteer may result in immediate dismissal and/or disqualify me for future volunteer and/or employment opportunities. I further understand that this background check is not intended to be a contract of employment or volunteer involvement; nor does it serve as an obligation in any way to provide employment or volunteer opportunities, or require that I am obligated to volunteer at any time with FUSION. 

I hereby fully waive any and all claims of any nature whatsoever against FUSION, its employees or agents and any third party that provides FUSION information about me, along with any outside agency utilized by you as a result of any information which is obtained in this background investigation. I agree to hold harmless FUSION and its employees, assigned agents and any third party that provides FUSION information about me and any outside agency utilized by FUSION to obtain needed information about me.

The information requested below is needed to complete the background check.