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Lending a Hand to Those Who Are Homeless:
A Guide on How You Can Make a Difference

Lending a Hand to Homeless

Lending a Hand to Those Who Are Homeless:
A Guide on How You Can Make a Difference

Globally, millions of people live without the security and protection that comes with having a roof over their heads. At FUSION, we are regularly asked how to support those in our community who find themselves without a home. It can be difficult for individuals to know where and how to help this vulnerable population, but there are many ways you can make an impact!

Make a Difference — Donate Items
You can make an immediate difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness by donating some essential items. New or lightly used coats, clothes and cozy blankets to stay warm are all needed. Toiletries and nutritious foods and drinks and greatly appreciated as well. All these donations will go a long way!

Organizations like FUSION gladly accept both new and gently-used goods. Reach out today for more information on how you can help those living without shelter. What we need.

Make an Impact — Volunteer Your Time!
If you have a bit of free time each week, consider giving it to those in need. Volunteering at charitable organizations and shelters is an excellent way to help people experiencing homelessness. These places provide meals, housing, and other essential services for individuals and families who are trying to get through some hard times. If you feel like doing more, consider sharing your skills and knowledge. You could teach a class or offer career advice to further benefit this vulnerable population.

You make a difference in your community by becoming a FUSION volunteer! To learn more or to apply please email for additional information.

Make a Contribution with Monetary Gifts
If you can do so, consider aiding those experiencing homelessness with financial contributions to organizations pledged to help them. These gifts will ensure that much-needed resources like housing and medical care are available for this struggling population. It is one of the quickest ways to help individuals who need it most, so please act today!

By donating to FUSION, you can help us further our mission of providing housing and support services to families experiencing homelessness in our community so they will have a safe, secure environment as they work toward self-sufficiency. Please show your support today by contributing financially here.

Doing Your Part
Assisting community members in need is a tremendously fulfilling experience and can make an enduring impression on someone’s life. Whether donating goods and services, offering volunteer time, or making financial contributions — no matter how large or small your donation — it will be immensely valuable for these individuals. Let’s join forces and put an end to homelessness in our neighborhoods. With a collective effort, we can all make a positive difference!