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Emergency Shelter Referral


If you are not a provider and are looking for emergency housing for your own family, please call the Family Intake Line Number at 206-245-1026.

Who should be using the form? 
This form is for providers (case managers, outreach workers, social workers, etc.) who are referring a family in need of shelter.
Next Steps:
The family will be contacted directly by FUSION staff and assessed for eligibility when a unit becomes available. The assessment consists of a phone screening and a background check. If eligible, the family will then be invited for an intake. 
Please contact for further questions regarding eligibility and next steps. 
*NOTE: The family (including the children) must reside at the family center at least 5 nights/week effective immediately following intake. The family units are small, personal belongings are limited to what would fit in 1 tote bin per family member. If the family has excess personal belongings, they should arrange for storage off property prior to arriving or intake. The Pete-Andersen FUSION family center is a pet-free, and drug-free facility. 
Emergency Shelter Referral Form